Build fast sites.
In record time.

Cloudflare Pages is a JAMstack platform for frontend developers to collaborate and deploy websites.

  • Developer-focused with effortless Git integration.
  • Advanced collaboration built-in with unlimited seats.
  • Unmatched performance on Cloudflare’s edge network.
  • Dynamic functionality through integration with Cloudflare Workers.
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Grab your repo, and go.

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Frontend developers want to build fast and beautiful sites, not play system integrator: bogged down by configuring build systems, setting up environments, and keeping production up to date.

With Pages, you can connect your GitHub or GitLab account. After that, it’s just git push — we’ll build and deploy for you.

With deep Git integration, Cloudflare Pages works the way developers work. Just tell us your build command (e.g. npm run build) and we’ll take care of the rest, logs included.

Check out our 3-minute guides for common frameworks including React, Vue, Gatsby, and Hugo:

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Cloudflare Pages supporting Git integration for automated deployments is exciting. I love spending more time on product and less time setting up and fighting infrastructure.

Jay Phelps
Co-founder, Outsmartly

Building a site is a team sport.

I’ll add a nav in the next version.
Maybe we should add search?
Looks great! Love the layout.

Websites are built through collaboration between designers, engineers, writers, and more. Cloudflare Pages makes it effortless to satisfy each group, so you can iterate quickly, and save time on coordination.

  • Preview early, preview often: automatically generated links for every commit make it easy to get feedback on the final result.
  • Unlimited seats for free: additional collaborators shouldn’t break the bank. With Pages, you can add them all for free.
  • Preview control: don’t post your drafts to the web. With Cloudflare Access integration, you have granular control over who’s accessing your previews.
  • Built-in, free web analytics: Get real-time insight into your page with privacy-first analytics that you can share with your team.

Cloudflare Pages makes it dead simple to deploy our static websites and to collaborate within our team as we do so. Features such as shareable preview links with every commit and pull request, along with the Git integration, fit in seamlessly with our dev workflow.

Matt Harris
Head of Workplace and Technology, Envoy

Speed, security, and scalability?
Our job, not yours.

Global networkInfinite scaling

Making a beautiful well designed site is only half a web developer’s job. You also want it to be secure, fast, and scalable. Cloudflare Pages makes it easy to check those boxes. We’ll take care of the infrastructure, so you can focus on design and content.

  • Fastest network: run your site on the Cloudflare edge, milliseconds from end users – up to 115% faster than competing platforms.
  • Incredibly scalable: with one of the world’s largest networks, Cloudflare can absorb traffic from the most visited sites.
  • Always secure: SSL works out of the box, so you never have to worry about provisioning certificates.
  • Stay ahead of the curve: support for the latest web standards with HTTP/3, QUIC, image compression out of the box, and more.

Because the new Dig Inn ordering experience runs on Cloudflare Workers, we never have to worry about a large spike in traffic or orders bringing down the system and causing a revenue loss. Since all of our code lives on the distributed Cloudflare network, customers can load the site and order without latency. We no longer worry about a lunch or dinner rush causing issues.

Matt Weinberg
Co-founder & President of Technology, Happy Cog, developers of Dig


  • 1 build at a time
  • 500 builds per month
  • 100 custom domains per project
  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited static requests
  • Unlimited bandwidth


$20/mo billed annually
$25/mo billed monthly
  • 5 concurrent builds
  • 5,000 builds per month
  • 250 custom domains per project
  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited static requests
  • Unlimited bandwidth


$200/mo billed annually
$250/mo billed monthly
  • 20 concurrent builds
  • 20,000 builds per month
  • 500 custom domains per project
  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited static requests
  • Unlimited bandwidth